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NDC Training and NDC HEDC Public-Private Partnerships have developed a training course in Public-Private Partnerships. The course is designed with the goal to provide knowledge of how both the Public and Private sectors approach development and to establish a basis by which decisions on when, where and if a Public-Private Partnership structure would be beneficial.

ED527-Keeping the Public in Public-Private Partnerships

Most Communities need to look beyond conventional techniques for financing and building facilities.  Whether they have reached their debt limits or they want top get projects built faster and more efficiently, there are methods and tools that enable a non-profit organization to develop and own such projects, lease them to governmental entities and eventually transfer them to public ownership.  Course Participants explore a public-private development approach that combines the benefits of private development (efficiency and experience) and public accountability in building, owning and operating public facilities.  Development methods of both public and private sectors are explained with the goal of determining if a public-private partnership structure will be beneficial. 

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